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6cd Deluxe Dark Adventure Radio Theatre - Masks of Nyarlathotep

HP Lovecraft Historical Society stworzyło unikatowe słuchowisko na podstawie kampanii Masks of Nyarlathotep do Call of Cthulhu 7ed. Zewstaw zawiera 6 CD z wyjątkowym słuchowiskiem oraz ponad 80 dokumentów i pomocy do wykorzystania podczas kampanii. Słuchowisko i materiały w języku angielskim.

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The HPLHS has created the ultimate Masks of Nyarlathotep experience for fans of the game, fans of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre, or people who just can't get enough vintage props. We believe this is the most extraordinary prop collection ever assembled to accompany a role playing game or vintage-style radio play.

We have dramatized Chaosium's celebrated game into a stand-alone 1930s style radio drama (no gaming experience necessary). This seven-hour show is a globe spanning Lovecraftian adventure as hapless investigators attempt to thwart the machinations of the dark god Nyarlathotep and his nefarious worshippers. Our DART Deluxe edition contains the following:

  •     The Dark Adventure Radio Theatre show of Masks of Nyarlathotep, featuring a tale so massive it requires 6 CDs to hold it. You'll also get a free digital download of the show so you can listen on your phone or other device.
  •     All of the prop documents from our Standard DART edition for Masks of Nyarlathotep - you'll get the 20 great vintage documents that accompany the standard version of our show.
  •     Virtually all of the prop documents from our Gamer Prop Set. Enjoy 41 more props from the story including large-format maps, newspaper clippings, photos and much more.
  •     Even More Props! We designed 24 more props which are only available in this Deluxe Edition. Experience this massive story with an international collection of vintage documents (plus a few surprises) all bundled up in a special metal edged file box built to conveniently contain everything!

Others have tried and failed to produce a collection of props for this game. Our Gamer Prop Set has been showered with accolades by critics and delighted fans. The HPLHS delivers a premium experience.

We appreciate that this is an expensive collector's item that may not be within everyone's reach. We do have some less expensive offerings in our line of Masks of Nyarlathotep products.

  •     Dark Adventure Radio Theatre (DART) Standard Edition - enjoy the story as a seven hour long 1930s style radio play!
  •     Gamer Prop Set - created specifically for players of Call of Cthulhu, this collection of props gives amazingly realistic props to take your gaming to the next level
  •     And for the truly deranged prop fiend, there's our Super Deluxe Limited Edition

Please Note: the props included with our Deluxe Edition are intended to compliment the DARK Adventure show of Masks. If you're interested in playing the Chaosium Call of Cthulhu campaign of Masks, you might want to consider getting our Gamer Prop Add-On to go with your Deluxe Edition.

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