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  • Coriolis: The Last Cyclade
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    Coriolis: The Last Cyclade

    139,90 zł

    The Last Cyclade
     is the second part of Mercy of the Icons, the epic and richly illustrated campaign for Coriolis – The Third Horizon.


  • Forbidden Lands - The Spire...
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    Forbidden Lands - The Spire of Quetzel

    89,90 zł

    This volume collects four adventure sites for the Forbidden Lands RPG, written by some of the best writers in the field today. Within these pages you will encounter a dreaming Demon-Queen, a prison of strange beasts who call themselves a family, a coven of witches who don’t get along, and the weird graveyard of the last thunder lizard to walk this land. The Forbidden Lands are more dangerous than ever – only the most foolhardy and resilient adventurers will live to tell the tales of these adventures


  • Symbaroum - Monster Codex -...
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    Symbaroum - Monster Codex - USZKODZONY

    159,90 zł 129,90 zł

    PRODUKT USZKODZONY, może posiadać wgniecenia lub rysy na okładce i/lub grzbiecie.

    The Symbaroum Monster Codex makes the settlements, woods and vales of the Davokar region more dangerous than ever before! More than a hundred creatures, monsters and abominations are crammed together between these covers – some of them well known, others only mentioned in legends and fairy tales; some unstoppably hungry, others open to negotiations; some presented in detail, others with only short descriptions. Combined with the guidelines on how to create creatures of your own, the content of this bestiary should provide material for hundreds of hours at the gaming table!