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  • The Art of Symbaroum (Symbaroum RPG Art Book)

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    The Art of Symbaroum is a cloth-dressed hardcover book printed on thick, premium quality paper to make the illustrations of Martin Grip justice. Aside from the artwork, the book includes short text excerpts meant to anchor the motifs and portraits in the world of Symbaroum.


  • Symbaroum - Starter Set
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    Symbaroum - Starter Set

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    The Ashurani dynasty was as short lived as it was cruel, known for its insights into the light – and the darkness. Key to their power was an artefact known as the Rod of Light and Darkness. Its touch could breathe life into dead things, or steal it away from that which lived. And guess what, the rod’s current whereabouts has been revealed! To students of the Eternal Night, this opportunity cannot be ignored! Its final resting place is said to be Lafarda’s Tower, situated in the area known to treasure-hunters as the Blasted Heath, where lightning rain burns flesh and shatters dreams