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MÖRK BORG - Cult Heretic + PDF

MÖRK BORG - Cult Heretic + PDF

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MÖRK BORG Cult: Heretic is a zine of community-made misadventure and malice, for use with MÖRK BORG or other rules-light dark fantasy games. Unheroic Feats. Enhance and personalize your classless characters with these optional advancement rules. Bloat. Villagers disappear. Tracks lead to an underground temple of bacchanalian frenzy, reeking of rot, offal and bile. A two-page dungeon for the peckish. Two additional, optional classes: The bastard of a bard Sacrilegious Songbird and the Shedding Vicar, a fanatic preaching the skinless gospel. Seeds of a CVLT. Use this to generate cults, their leaders, beliefs and spiritual home. Graves Left Wanting. A campaign-starting or post-TPK tombcrawl adventure where the PCs find themselves buried alive in the vast, ever-changing cemetery Graven-Tosk.


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