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Blade Runner RPG Game Runner's Screen + PDF

Blade Runner RPG Game Runner's Screen + PDF


Gold ENNIE Winner for Best Layout and Design and shortlisted for the Origins Awards for Best RPG!

"The Blade Runner RPG nails Ridley Scott’s vision, and adds pitch-perfect investigative mechanics." Polygon Review

"Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game blends sci-fi noir with corporate intrigue and is sure to bring out the existential detective in everyone." –Screen Rant Review

"I don’t like to use the word ‘perfect’ often, but I’m going there now. The Blade Runner RPG captures the themes and feel of the source material perfectly." –Wargamer Review

"It is easily the most engaging game book I’ve ever read." –The RPG Academy Review


Blade Runner RPG Game Runner Screen

A deluxe Game Runner’s Screen in landscape format for the official BLADE RUNNER RPG. It features beautiful art on the outside and a host of useful tables and important information on the inside, while keeping the Game Runner’s plans hidden from the eyes of inquisitive players.

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