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Symbaroum - Adventure Pack 4 + PDF

Symbaroum - Adventure Pack 4 + PDF


Adventure Pack 4 features two scenarios that in different ways relate to the growing internal divisions within the Ambrian realm. Call of the Dark plays out in the northern territories of the Lost Land of Alberetor, where the player characters will accompany a lowborn noble who is looking to prove the status of her family. The second adventure, Retribution, initially deals with the search for a person who has gone missing in the city of Kurun, but is soon shown to involve events which may have serious consequences for the relationship between the peoples of the Davokar region. Naturally, the player characters have a chance to influence the outcome of the stories, provided that they handle all the challenges that stand between them and a happy ending.


Adventure Pack 4

Once the conversation dies out, silence falls like a heavy blanket over the world. The sudden cracks of the fire resound like hammer blows in your ears. To make any noise at all feels like a violation of the unnatural stillness. The world is absolutely quiet, mute like the dead. In the darkness beyond the wavering ring of light cast by your campfire, even the moaning of the wind has ceased.

As long as you were on the road, the silence was hidden behind the sounds of the journey – stomping boots, creaking backpack straps, clattering cookware. But even then, the surroundings were eerily lifeless. Not even the buzzing of insects could be heard. Irena says she saw a bird passing north during the afternoon; the rest of you nod agreement, none of you truly believing it.

This is northern Alberetor, on the border between civilization and the dark. You have not traveled very far from the Cliff of Korinda, but still it is a wasteland, abandoned by both humans and wildlife. The only creatures you can expect to meet are the dead that have risen again. They are out there, somewhere. Somewhere in the darkness, in the silence.

Featured Content

  • Two full-length scenarios, Call of the Dark and Retribution, which will expose the player characters to great challenges.
  • The Alberian barony of Sarli and the city of Kurun as detailed adventure landscapes.
  • A dozen locations and establishments where the characters can eat, trade, sleep, find information and visit the local authorities.
  • Full color maps of the barony and the city.
  • Four artifacts and a series of new or alternative rules, such as one regarding Forced ride and another, The Dangers of the Darkened Land.

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