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The Art of Symbaroum (Symbaroum RPG Art Book)

The Art of Symbaroum (Symbaroum RPG Art Book)


The images showing the world and creatures of Symbaroum have been developed in chorus with the written descriptions – the images illustrate the texts as intimately as the texts support the art. This close relationship between art and text can probably be understood in light of the fact that we, the artist and the writers, have created and fantasized together for more than three decades. So, welcome to what is truly our vision; welcome to the world of Symbaroum.

The Art of Symbaroum is a cloth-dressed hardcover book printed on thick, premium quality paper to make the illustrations of Martin Grip justice. Aside from the artwork, the book includes short text excerpts meant to anchor the motifs and portraits in the world of Symbaroum.


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