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Vaesen - A Wicked Secret & Other Mysteries + PDF

Vaesen - A Wicked Secret & Other Mysteries + PDF


If you hear the sound of fleeing birds, snapping branches, and loud footsteps, you shall be its next victim. Pray then that your fate will be swift - for staring into its infernal gaze can plunge even the purest mind into madness.


Journey to the Mythic North

Journey to the Mythic North and investigate four bone-chilling cases that will test your abilities to the fullest. This book contains four standalone mysteries for Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying, playable on their own or as part of a longer campaign.

In these pages you will find:

  • The Silver of the Sea - The death of a preacher leads the characters to the rocky western archipelago, where something strange is afoot on Wrecker Isle
  • A Wicked Secret - Travel to the deep forests of northern Sweden and investigate rumors of a murderous beast in a remote village. What ancient evil lurks there?
  • The Night Show - Welcome to Beautiful Mölle, a city by the sea, known to many as the Heart of Sin - and now also for cold-blooded murder.
  • The Song of the Falling Star - A cursed child, a strange instrument and a desperate aristocrat. Travel to Arensburg on the island of Oesel and discover the horrible truth about what has happened there.

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